Each country has its own working culture and standards. Finding that first job can require some extra guidance. How should you write your CV for a Dutch company? What is the minimum wage in The Netherlands? 

Together Abroad has seminars, workshops available for you to help you clear up some of these questions. These events run throughout the whole year and are exclusively for groups. For more information check our events agenda

Job Interview Training

During this Job training we focus on the techniques for successful job interview in the Netherlands. We will concentrate on the questions how to prepare for a job interview (includes an interview role-play); how to make a lasting impression; how to dress and behave at an interview, what kind of questions to expect and how to park then in case you cannot answer them. Read more about Interview training

Dutch labour law

You found a job! Congratulations! It’s now time to sign the contract… Hmmm… but what do you know about Dutch labour law? It is important to be familiar with the principles of Dutch law so that you can avoid finding yourself in awkward situations. In this seminar we will give you an insight into the basics of Dutch labour law, such as: what kind of contract you should expect; salary expectations; and your rights and duties as an employee? Are you interested?


The do’s and don’ts in Dutch work culture

Dutch working culture;
Each country has its own ways and what is accepted in your country’s working environment might not be the same as in the Netherlands. During this interactive workshop we will guide you through some of the do’s and don’ts in the Dutch work culture: you will learn what to expect from your Dutch colleagues and how to avoid common mistakes at work in the Netherlands.

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